Thursday, November 15, 2012

A few words about Greece

Here's what our teams think about our country:

                                                                      (OVS) Ollympic Village Students
Our Country is Greece!!!
We are Greek students  and we want  to tell you some things about our country! Our country is one of the best!!! The weather in winter is cold but in summer it's sunny and hot. The people in our country are friendly and usually smiling. Our opinion about our country is really good. Most of Greece is covered with water. On holidays we are really happy! This is Greece!

Greek Students
Hi! We're the Greek students! Our names are Niki and Elpida. We wanted to tell you a few things about our country. Its name is Greece. Greece is a beautiful country. In our opinion its the best country in the world! It's mountainous but it also has rivers, lakes, islands and a lot of plains. Greece has got famous sights such as the Parthenon and the Acropolis in the center of its capital, Athens. Greece is also famous for its history. We love our country and that is why we are called Greek students!

Funny Girls
Our country is Greece, a small country in Europe. Greece borders with Turkey in the East and Italy in the West. The capital of Greece is Athens
Greece  has  beautiful  islands such as  Santorini, Mykonos, Crete,  Rhodes  and many others. It also has high mountains and forests. If you come to Greece, you can see our history, the Acropolis, taste our delicious food and other things. The weather is amazing. It’s hot and sunny, because  Greece is  in  the Southern part of Europe. The people are perfect. They always tell the truth and they always say what's right. Our opinion is  that Greece is the  best country in the world and we are very lucky to be Greek!  

Student Spirit
Greece is a beautiful country. It's mountainous, it's got beautiful islands, such as  Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Crete, Corfu, Paxos, etc.and two fifths of it are covered by sea. It also has plains, rivers and lakes.
In the winter, it's cold in Greece and there is snow but in the summer the weather is hot and sunny.
Living in Greece is very exciting for us!

Crazy Students
Greece is one of the best countries in Europe. It has got  lots of landmarks; one of these is the Acropolis Museum, but it also has sights that kids can visit with their parents like the 'Planetarium' or the 'Greek World' centre and others.
The Islands
Greece  has got great islands but in our opinion the  most amazing island is Santorini. In the summer the weather is hot and sunny. If you go there, you can watch one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world or take a boat tour to the volcano and  the hot springs. There are lots of islands for everyone to visit  in Greece.
The Mountains
Greece has also got lots of mountains like Parnitha, Parnassos, the White Mountains, Olympus, etc. The most famous mountain is Mount Parnitha  which is a densely forested mountain range north of Athens, the highest on the peninsula of Attica. Much of the mountain is designated a national park, and it is a protected habitat for wildfowl.