Wednesday, December 17, 2014

 Hamlet's visit to our school!
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Today, the 5th and 6th classes of our school attended a special theatrical play; a comic adaptation of Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' in English!
 After a number of preparatory lessons the students were already familiar with the plot, the characters and the playwright himself. What followed was this lovely 60-minute theatrical performance which had everything: laughter, singing, madness, love, death, swords, fighting, a puppet show and even... a rat! The kids laughed a lot, participated in the play, sang and, in the end, rapped with Hamlet, Gertrude and Ophelia about the question 'To be or not to be?'! Eventually, they prefered 'to be'!

For most students it was the first time they got to see an English-speaking play so they didn't really know what to expect... Would they be able to follow? Well, they did just fine and they really enjoyed the play, as they said!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Peppa Pig Christmas Episode:)
3rd Grade

To view the video click on the following link: 

Monday, December 8, 2014

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Kids love expressing themselves through poetry as long as they are prompted to write about something they are REALLY interested in!

So, after getting rid of the rhyme (!), the 6th Graders were inspired by their favourite objects and produced comic, free verse little poems!

My electric guitar
Oh, my electric guitar!
Someone is playing and a beauiful sound
is coming to my ears.
It feels so wooden,
it tastes spray on wood,
it looks so nice I can't let go of it!

by Alex
My Nintendo!
Oh, my sweet Nintendo!
Out of the desk, it looks shiny and red
it smells nothing!
It feels like a rock in my hands.
I think it tastes plastic.
The sound of Super Mario sounds happy,
I can even imagine myself playing for 2 hours!

by Chrissoula
My Muffin!
It smells so nice,
it tastes so good
with chocolate and strawberry
it sounds so good! 
I love it!
I can never resist 
this sweet, sweet, sweet taste! 

by Zoe P.
My eyes
Oh, my sweet eyes!
Off the oven (?) you look beautiful,
you give me pleasure with your brown colour.
I love you so much
 I can't stop looking at you!

by Georgia
My lego airplane
Oh, my favourite lego warm airplane!
It looks so big! 
It looks red and black.
It feels hard but there isn't any harm!
When you watch it, it looks like an F-16
and I can make it without any help!

by George K.
In the brightest day
or darkest night
I eat spaghetti
day and night!

by Nick E.
The watermelon
 Oh, my watermelon,
I eat you and I can see the 'mellon' !
Watermelon, you are so heavy!
What did you eat?
Don't worry, you're delicious.
I can never resist you!

by Ilias L.
My favourite chocolate
Oh, my favourite chocolate with strawberry flavour!
Off the newsagent's, it looks tempting 
and smells nice!
It feels pretty and hard in my hands.
It tastes soft in my mouth.
It sounds by far the best, 
better than all the rest!

by Lidia S.

My football
Oh, my favourite football
in the pitch you look so round 
and smell so grassy!
You feel hard in my hands,
you taste like rubber
and sound so jumpy.
Oh, I will never betray you
my lovely football! 

by Angel P.

My chocolate muffin
Oh! Oh! Oh! my sweet chocolate muffin!
Oh, my God! You look so sweet when I'm looking at you!
You smell from a hundred miles away from my granny's home.
I can never resist you!
'Cause you taste delicious in all the mouths!
You smell great in all the noses!
Ahhhhhh, I have nothing more to say about you, muffin.

by Spiros P.


My Lol
Oh, my sweet lol
with your quadra skills and pentakills, 
with your amazing heroes such as Fiza, Zac, Kharix and Rengar.
You are all in my heart!
I'll never stop playing with you
and never forget you,
you are my entire  life and
you will never, ever, ever get boring!

by John P.


Bread fresh and healthy
you accompany each meal.
You taste and smell good
for this I love you, too!

Sotiria Z.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Skype talk with a British Primary School:)

Today we were excited about communicating live, through Skype, with Putteridge Primary School, Luton, UK! The 5th Grade had the chance to talk with their British peers about school, favourite lessons, field trips and, of course, the most popular sport in both countries: f o o t b a l l!! Our students even helped their foreign friends say 'Merry Christmas' in Greek!! Both parties expressed their wish to speak again soon!

Putteridge Primary School

Thursday, November 27, 2014

(5th Grade)

We are excited about the commencement of a new partnership with Dr. Gilbert L. Porter Elementary School, Miami, Florida, USA! The 5th graders from both schools are going to exchange presentations, photos, emails and work collaboratively on projects. Our aim to learn English by communicating with peer native speakers of English!

Click here  and here to find more about our new friends!

Dr. Gilbert L. Porter Elementary School, Miami, Florida, USA 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

(6th Grade)

Our peers from the USA have sent us a link to a beautiful presentation about their school and town. 

Bellevue Panorama

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Five little monkeys!

3rd Grade-Numbers one to five

Five naughty little monkeys are jumping on the bed! Watch the video to find out what happens, revise the numbers 1 - 5 and ...sing along!

Friday, November 7, 2014


Alex, Chrissoula, Georgia, Zenia and Zoe worked hard to prepare presentations about our school and weekly timetable! What motivated them was their wish to show their transatlantic friends in Bellevue, USA, what a (productive!) Primary School in Greece looks like!

You can have a look at the presentations by clicking on:
Our school!  
Our school timetable!
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