Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hello Summer!!

And a goodbye note by 'The funny girls'!!

We are very lucky to have had this blog to post our  projects. Our favourite project was saying some things about our country, Greece. In addition we loved the project about the monsters. During the year we had a fantastic time talking about different things about the English Language such as grammar theories, vocabulary etc. Moreover, we watched a video nominated for an Oscar. The only thing we want to tell you is to have a……

Goodbye Primary School!

The last two months have been crazy at school! Preparations, constructions, rehearsals...a lot of work for us all!!
Concentrated on our 'end of the year celebration' we had little time to post. We did, however, decide to do one last project and that was to discuss and write about our favourite activities this year.

It was a beautiful, beautiful year!
Our highlight was when we had a video conference in May with another school in a small city in Malta called Conspicua. We prepared and made a small presentation:

 and then we watched their video-presentation and expressed our wish to meet sometime in the future.

Another fun activity was the comic book we made when we were learning about Past Tenses.

Step 1: Each one of us filled in the following worksheet to make up a story:

 And then... we mixed up our stories and illustrated this:

But why don't you watch our fun video!!